The Missouri Leadership Academy began in 2018. This innovative program provides a platform for the State of Missouri to develop the next generation of state leaders.

The Missouri Leadership Academy’s approach is practical and based upon proven principles for professional learning. The program combines best practices, opportunities for self-reflection and growth, networking, team experiences to introduce new skills, and the application of new skills and tools as part of the participants’ work every day. Each class will also have the opportunity to learn from leaders in all three branches of government – including the Governor and other statewide office holders, the leadership of the Department Cabinet departments, members of the General Assembly, and leaders in the Judiciary. Lastly, the Academy will include a capstone project where participants will work together to find creative solutions to make our government more effective. In doing so, the members of the Leadership Academy class will not only build new skills as leaders but also deepen their understanding of how the State of Missouri government works and how to make it better.

The Missouri Leadership Academy curriculum has three core pillars:

Lead Self

Lead Self:

  • To increase self-awareness of leadership strengths and ways to get better through personalized assessments and “360 feedback”
  • To develop a personal leadership style, set ambitious goals, and build other “soft” skills to achieve personal impactdevelop a personal leadership style, set ambitious goals, and build other “soft” skills to achieve personal impact
Lead Others

Lead Others:

  • To strengthen core leadership, team communication, and collaboration skills to create a culture of excellence and recognition
  • To learn the fundamentals of continuous improvement and project management to make government more effective and efficient for our citizens
Lead Change

Lead Change:

  • To earn how to lead large-scale change to deliver lasting improvements
  • To build skills to communicate to generate momentum and sustain change