The Leadership Academy

Leadership is critical to any organization’s success. The State of Missouri is committed to developing the next generation of state government leaders. The Missouri Leadership Academy is an innovative program that brings together emerging leaders from across all 16 executive departments to build new skills and become better leaders. This leadership program incorporates approaches that are proven successful in other high performing organizations in both the public and private sectors.

The Missouri Leadership Academy objectives are:

  • For participants: accelerate their professional growth through individual leadership development, building new skills to lead others, and learning how to drive change
  • For their departments: prepare emerging leaders to take on new responsibilities and roles
  • For the State of Missouri: build a group of emerging leaders with the skills and understanding of how to improve government performance

This program’s foundation is the commitment that through better leadership, the State of Missouri will continue to improve and serve our citizens better. Our citizens expect us to perform as well as any other organization. Working together, we will meet their high expectations.

The State of Missouri will have two classes a year.

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